Tackling Winter Woes With the Waterhog Diamond Mat

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Waterhog Fashion Diamond entrance floor mats boast a diamond ridge surface designed to collect debris while also absorbing up to 1.5 gallons of water per square yard. Their matching fabric dam borders help keep liquids contained within the mat itself instead of overflowing onto your floors.

Anti-static, stain resistant polypropylene fiber system dries quickly without fade or rot, while reinforced rubber nubs prevent pile crushing for extended performance life.
Winter Weather

Winter storms are events characterized by snow, ice and freezing rain that bring strong winds, low temperatures and hazardous road conditions that may result in traffic accidents or cause power outages.

Weather events can have a dramatic impact on business operations, from disrupted travel plans and school closures, to weather alerts issued by the National Weather Service allowing citizens to keep abreast of local forecasts. In these instances, citizens can receive updates through alerts issued by this service to stay up-to-date with their local forecast. These alerts include Winter Storm Watches and Warnings that inform the public of an approaching winter storm, so those receiving such notifications should prepare accordingly to minimize disruptions and ensure safety. Make sure your office or business’s doormats are prepared for snow, ice and freezing rain by investing in the Waterhog Fashion Diamond Mat with fabric border. It provides an elegant aesthetic while offering superior debris trapping capabilities; featuring its distinctive diamond shape for scraping dirt beneath shoe level while rubber reinforced face nubs prevent it from crushing while providing high performance and extended product lifespan.

The Water hog premiere entrance mat is specially crafted to withstand rain, snow, dirt, and mud that your beloved pets track into your facility. Cleaning it up is easy by shaking out or vacuuming; for stubborn stains that need extra TLC simply rinse with a hose first! These American made mats boast commercial grade materials.

They come equipped with either a gripper or smooth backing, with the former recommended for use on carpeted floors as it helps the mat stay firmly attached to the ground, eliminating any possible scooting or sliding that might otherwise occur.

This mat is ideal for high traffic areas, providing all of the same features found on classic Waterhog entrance doormats with its diamond pattern rather than standard waffle design. Available in 18 colors and various lengths. Constructed of 24-ounce face material resistant to staining and quickly drying out; fade and rot resistant as well. Rubber reinforced face nubs help extend performance life by keeping pile from crushing underfoot.

Waterhog Diamond mat is a multi-level design that effectively traps dirt, debris, and moisture from shoes while keeping it off other floors. Made of solution dyed PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate), its rubber backing makes this ideal for both indoor/outdoor use with 20% recycled tire content.

It dries quickly, is fade- and rot-resistant and suitable for regions with lots of snowfall. Additionally, WaterHog Diamond mat raised rubber snubs offer non-slip surface when wet.

For optimal Waterhog mat maintenance, it is vitally important to regularly vacuum it – daily in high traffic environments and weekly for lower traffic environments. Also essential is keeping up with regular cleaning appointments in order to minimize soil build-up on the mat, keeping its appearance at its best and prolonging its useful lifespan. Allowing dirt buildup will only become harder for janitorial staff to remove with regular maintenance equipment if allowed to remain.

Waterhog mats not only reduce cleaning and maintenance costs, but can also prevent slips and falls in high traffic areas. Boasting an attractive diamond surface pattern while effectively trapping dirt below shoe level, Waterhog mats help minimize soil that enters buildings reducing labor expenses as well as cleanup expenses.

This entrance floor mat comes with either smooth (hard floors) or cleated rubber (carpet) backing types for optimal use on any type of surface, while its durable PET fabric surface dries quickly, resists staining and fading and is easy to maintain using standard vacuum or extraction cleaning methods. Plus, its recycled materials reduce waste plastic drink bottles that would otherwise end up in landfills; each square foot of Waterhog Eco product saves four half liter plastic bottles from ending up there! Available in many fashion colors and custom lengths so it meets your entrance needs perfectly!

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